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Winter running can be fun, safe with planning

When temperatures drop and snowflakes fall, many runners leave behind the roads, trails and tracks for the treadmill, elliptical and other indoor workout activities. However, for those who do not want to give up running outdoors, being properly prepared can make a cold weather run both safe and enjoyable. Runners need to make sure they […]

Athlete and an ACL Injury: When is it safe to return to your sport?

How do you know when you are ready to play after an ACL injury? Following anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) surgery, I have my athletes complete a specific return-to-play program consisting of a number of quantitative and qualitative physical challenges. These challenges let me know when the injured knee is ready and that we corrected the […]

Boost workouts, strength and performance with plyometrics

Athletes and even weekend warriors are always looking to improve their strength and performance to give them a competitive edge. Plyometrics (aka plyos) might just be the key. Used by track and field athletes in Europe since the 1920s, plyometrics today are incorporated into many sports and fitness workout programs in varying levels of intensity […]

Repeated shoulder dislocations and surgeries don’t sideline former rugby player Shawn Bastic

If you’ve never seen a rugby game, the best way to describe it is football without helmets and pads. As a full-contact sport without protective gear, rugby players are prone to orthopaedic injuries—just ask Shawn Bastic, former University of Illinois—Chicago (UIC) and founding member of the Chicago Riot Rugby Club. While playing rugby for UIC, […]

Competitive running, bicycling back on energetic executive’s schedule between work, volunteering

Robert Nutt says he is retired, but his daily planner paints another picture. As president and managing director of Paceline Advisors, a strategic business and financial consulting firm Nutt created after 30 years in corporate finance and operations, he travels constantly and volunteers for three organizations and businesses. His hectic schedule does not leave much […]

Santi simultaneously rebuilds his shoulder and his house

Most people in Northern Illinois will remember the winter of 2011 for the Ground Hog Day blizzard. Tony Santi, founder and president of J2 Santi, Inc. custom homebuilding, youth athletic coach and weekend athlete from Western Springs, Ill., recalls it differently. In January that year, Santi slipped on his icy sidewalk. “I reached back to […]

New ACL arthroscopic procedure by Dr. Steven Chudik lets active kids stay active

One minute 8-year-old Matt Cesario was sitting atop a swing set with a neighbor and the next he was hanging from the side support brace by his right knee—a twist of fate that spared Matt’s spine and changed the course of his young life for the next five years. Matt can’t recall much from the […]

Bailey overcomes injury, orthopaedic surgery to lead Bolingbrook to first state football title

With barely 5 minutes remaining in the Illinois Class 8A state championship final, the No. 2-rated Bolingbrook High School Raiders trailed the No. 1-rated Loyola Academy Ramblers from Wilmette, 17-14. Junior Bolingbrook quarterback Aaron Bailey was in the toughest game of his life, but one he and his teammates will remember the rest of their […]

Nagel skates through two orthopaedic surgeries, returns to league play but maybe not snowboarding

Teaching your children to snowboard should be a fun and rewarding experience, or so Nick Nagel thought until he found himself planted face down in a snow bank with a shoulder injury. However, it would be a year later with many league hockey games in the record books, as well as elbow surgery, before Nagel […]

Uncommon knee condition nearly sidelines All American’s lacrosse future, NCAA national championship

The last thing a highly recruited high school athlete wants to hear is they are going to miss playing their senior year and potentially lose a Division 1 opportunity because of an injury. That is what Lyons Township (LT) High School football and All American lacrosse standout, Kyle Barrett faced when his left knee began […]

Second shoulder work injury jeopardized Kucera’s job, bow hunting pastime

Kevin Kucera is among the countless people who suffer aches and pains after they move, lift, push and pull things. However, the day after Kucera moved a heavy display on his own at work, his shoulder was exceptionally sore. Kucera, an customer service representative whose clients include “big box” hardware stores, knew his arm pain […]

Will Derrick Rose Remain Healthy? Getting back in the game after an ACL injury.

Chicago Bulls fans rejoiced as they saw Derrick Rose step on the court at the beginning of the season. He was making layups, hitting jump shots and slam dunking again after a lengthy recovery from a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury. Most athletes return to sports within six months following ACL reconstruction surgery, but […]

Don’t shrug off shoulder pain

More than 4 million people in the U.S. seek medical treatment every year for shoulder problems that account for more than 1.5 million visits to orthopedic surgeons, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Rotator cuff injuries are among the most common shoulder problems. The rotator cuff is a group of four muscles that […]

What you need to know about Little League Shoulder

For many youngsters, Little League Baseball is paradise. It is a great opportunity to unwind, have fun and play the game they love. However, an increasing number of young athletes are experiencing a shoulder injury known as “Little League Shoulder”—an injury to the growth plate in the upper arm that can lead to stress fractures […]

Active mom returns to pain-free life following overdue shoulder surgery

Imagine being a young mother and not able to lift or hold your baby, reach into the clothes dryer, back your car out of the driveway, or even reach for a cup in a cabinet without the fear of a shoulder dislocation. For Debbie Brand, those were just some of the daily challenges she faced […]

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