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Dr. Steven Chudik sees many patients who experienced a failure of a previous shoulder surgery. Patients most often present with continued pain and weakness following rotator cuff repair, repeat dislocations following labral or Bankart repairs, persistent pain with overhead activities following superior labral repair or failed healing of a fracture. After a thorough review of the previous radiologic imaging and medical records, including the operative report, evaluation of a current MRI and the injured shoulder, Dr. Chudik formulates an individualized plan with the patient to obtain the best possible outcome based upon lifestyle goals and activities.

After a thorough evaluation of past records, diagnostic imaging, and failure of conservative options, Dr. Chudik typically proceeds with a diagnostic arthroscopy to “put his eyes in the shoulder” and evaluate the pathology in a minimally invasive way. Then, in most cases, is able to determine the problem and arthroscopically perform corrective revision surgery to obtain the best possible outcome.

Typically, outcomes following revision surgery is not as predictable as with primary, first time, surgery; but if revision surgery is necessary, it is likely to help with reduction of pain and improvements of shoulder range of motion, strength and function.

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