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Dr. Steven Chudik

Dr. Steven Chudik is board certified in orthopaedic surgery and sports medicine. A Top Doctor in orthopaedics, he is renowned for his arthroscopic surgical expertise and innovative techniques for shoulder and knee injuries and the management of sports-related injuries. In practice since 2002, Dr. Chudik is a partner at Hinsdale Orthopaedics treating patients in the Westmont and Western Spring offices. Because no two patients or injuries are alike, Dr. Chudik works with each patient to develop the best care and rehabilitation plans for their lifestyle and functional goals.

As an active researcher, Dr. Chudik continues to innovate and develop minimally invasive arthroscopic surgical procedures, instruments and implants to provide better outcomes for his patients. His efforts continue to yield scores of patent applications and a patent that will positively affect orthopaedic surgical techniques worldwide. Dr. Chudik founded the Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Teaching and Research Foundation|, a nonprofit 501 (C)(3) organization that helps keep people active and healthy through unbiased education and research. Through the Foundation and his clinical academic position at Loyola University, Chicago, Dr. Chudik collaborates on research with scientists at Argonne National Laboratory, Hines VA Hospital Musculoskeletal Biomechanics Laboratory, and Loyola University. Additionally, Dr. Chudik mentors medical students in an honors research program at Loyola’s Stritch School of Medicine and is a faculty instructor for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, the American Shoulder and Elbow Society, and the Arthroscopy Association of North America where he lectures and demonstrates new and advanced surgical techniques to other orthopaedic surgeons from all around the world. An author of many papers and journal articles, Dr. Chudik is an expert reviewer for the American Journal of Sports Medicine and the Journal of Arthroscopic Surgery and Related Research.

Dr. Chudik, earned his medical degree from the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine, he completed his residency in orthopaedics at the University of North Carolina Hospitals and was a fellow in sports medicine and shoulder surgery at the Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, an affiliate of Cornell University.

Dr. Chudik also serves as a team physician for several Chicago area athletic programs and clubs, and is a member of the High Performance network for USA Swimming, consults for orthopaedic research development companies and legal counsels for the benefit of patient care.

Areas of Specialty

Dr. Steven Chudik is a pioneer in arthroscopic shoulder and knee procedures for “athletes” of all abilities – from budding athlete to professional, weekend warrior to weekday worker, and every skill level, ability and age in between.



  • Shoulder arthroscopy
  • Arthroscopic rotator cuff repair
  • Arthroscopic labral (SLAP) repair
  • Arthroscopic repair of unstable (dislocating) shoulders
  • Repair of biceps and pec major tendon ruptures
  • Minimally invasive shoulder replacement
  • Reverse shoulder replacement
  • Management of fractures of the shoulder (clavicle, glenoid and humerus)


  • Elbow arthroscopy
  • Repair of biceps ruptures
  • Reconstruction of elbow ligaments in throwers
    (“Tommy John surgery”)
  • Repair of tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis)
  • Arthroscopic repair of elbow osteochondritis dissecans (OCD)
  • Repair of unstable elbow fractures and dislocations



  • Knee arthroscopy
  • Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction
  • Arthroscopic ACL reconstruction in growing children
  • Other knee ligament (PCL, MCL, PLC) reconstructions
  • Meniscal repair and transplantation
  • Cartilage repair and transplantation
  • Arthroscopic repair of knee osteochondritis dissecans (OCD)
  • MPFL reconstructions for dislocating patellas
  • Repair of knee dislocations


  • Ankle arthroscopy
  • Achilles tendon repair
  • Repair of unstable ankles
  • Arthroscopic repair of ankle osteochondritis dissecans (OCD)
  • Management of ankle fractures
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