Revision Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Chudik specializes in fixing failed ACL surgeries from near and far. ACL revision surgery is complicated and the goals of the surgery include: address the reason for failure, correct technical errors, properly reconstruct the torn ligament, repair any other damaged structures including other ligaments, meniscus, cartilage, or bone and restore function and stability to the knee.

Dr. Chudik performs revision ACL surgery with the assistance of an arthroscope (small camera that lets him look inside the knee through small incisions). The surgery usually is performed as an outpatient procedure (you go home the same day) with general anesthesia and a nerve block (numbing medicine injected around the nerves of the leg). The failed ACL is replaced by a new graft. Each graft has its own risks and benefits. Prior to surgery, Dr. Chudik discusses the type of graft that is best for you. In the revision setting, Dr. Chudik still prefers to use your own autologous tissue, but sometimes he must resort to using allografts because previous grafts already have been taken and the allograft can provide a wide range of necessary sizes.

During the surgery, the other ligaments, meniscus, cartilage, and bone of the knee are evaluated and treated appropriately. Arthroscopically, the failed ACL graft is removed, bone tunnels are bone grafted and re-drilled in the tibia (shinbone) and femur (thighbone), and the graft is placed anatomically where the normal ACL used to be. Many ACL surgeries fail because of previous technical error. The graft is held in position until it heals with special fixation devices that usually do not need to be removed. Some ACL revisions need to be performed in staged procedures to achieve all of the goals. Dr. Chudik invented some novel instruments and techniques to perform revision ACL surgeries that typically require multiple surgeries (each with their own separate rehabilitation time) in one single procedure. This shortens the recovery time to that of a primary ACL surgery (less than six months rather than more than one year).

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