Arthroscopic Subscapularis Rotator Cuff Repair

The rotator cuff is a group of four muscles that run from the scapula (shoulder blade) and attach to the humeral head (top of upper arm bone) by their tendons. One of the muscles of the rotator cuff is the subscapularis. The subscapularis muscle runs from the underside of the scapula (shoulder blade) to the front of the humerus (arm bone) and is responsible for internal rotation of the arm. When the rotator cuff is injured, the tendon is typically torn off the humerus (upper arm bone), retracts and cannot heal back on its own. The subscapularis tendon also plays a role in stabilizing the biceps tendon. When the subscapularis tendon is torn, it allows the biceps tendon to dislocate, become unstable, shift, fret like a rope and cause pain. If left untreated, the biceps may rupture and result in a “Popeye-like” deformity.

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