Arthroscopic Knee Arthrofibrosis Release

Loss of motion after surgery or injury can occur due to scar tissue formation. Scar tissue will stretch out when forced, but it likes to contract and tighten back up afterward. There is a limited window of opportunity after surgery or injury that is best to stretch and break up scar tissue. If it is not done during that window it can be very difficult to regain normal motion. When sufficient time has passed since the surgery or injury and motion is not improving despite proper conservative means, arthroscopic arthrofibrosis (joint stiffness and scarring) release is indicated.

Dr. Chudik performs the surgery with the assistance of an arthroscope (small camera that allows you look inside the knee through small incisions). Dr. Chudik uses special arthroscopic instruments to remove and release the scar tissue causing the loss of motion. Then, while you are still asleep, he moves the knee back and forth to ensure full motion is possible.

You may return to activities when there is no pain and when full knee range of motion, muscle strength and endurance, and functional use has been restored.

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