Knee Arthroscopy for Symptomatic Plica

The plica is a fold of joint lining (synovial tissue) that is a remnant of tissue from embryologic development. During embryologic development, bands of tissue divide the limbs into joints. These bands may persist into adulthood in up to 60 percent of people, although it infrequently causes symptoms. In some people, these bands may become thickened and inflamed, causing varying symptoms. The plica is a structure not commonly seen on MRI. Once patients have failed conservative treatment with possible cortisone injections and physical therapy, surgery
is indicated to look in the knee and remove the symptomatic plica.

Dr. Chudik performs arthroscopic surgery with the assistance of an arthroscope, a small camera that allows you look inside the knee through small incisions. Small arthroscopic shavers and cutting instruments are used to remove the plica tissue. During this procedure, Dr Chudik will evaluate the meniscus, cartilage, and ligaments of the knee and address any other findings. Following surgery, it is important to begin physical therapy to restore full knee range of motion and function before returning to athletic activities.

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