Anterolateral ligament (ALL) reconstruction

Anterolateral ligament (ALL) reconstruction knee surgery is often recommended for patients who regularly perform sports that require pivoting, cutting, jumping and landing and failed a previous anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction and anterior lateral ligament injury. ALL surgery also is recommended for patients with an ACL and anterior lateral ligament injury that has significant laxity or rotational instability demonstrated by pivot shift.

In special cases where patients exhibit excessive knee instability related to injury of the anterior lateral ligament after an ACL injury or failed reconstruction, Dr. Steven Chudik, orthopaedic knee specialist may recommend reconstructing the anterior lateral ligament (ALL) in addition to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

Dr. Chudik performs ALL surgery along with ACL reconstruction as an outpatient procedure (you go home the same day) with general anesthesia and a nerve block (numbing medicine injected around the nerves of the leg). The failed ALL is replaced by a new graft and fixed into place using additional limited incisions. Once healed, it assists the reconstructed ACL with rotational stability of the knee and has been shown with initial studies to decrease the incidence of recurrent ACL injury.

In general, ALL reconstruction patients return to walking and regular daily activities once off crutches—about four to six weeks after surgery, return to running about three months postoperatively and return to sports at four to six months postoperatively.

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