Improve your golf game this winter by stretching

As you contemplate your winter getaway vacation for some sun and golf, don’t forget to pack the Golf Stretching and Warm-Up program created by Dr. Steven Chudik and his nonprofit foundation, the Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Teaching and Research Foundation (OTRF). It is based on long-standing research that shows dynamic stretching helps maintain flexibility and decrease golf injuries, as well as increase club head and ball speed, drive distance and smash factor. The OTRF golf program includes nine dynamic stretches for golfers to perform before hitting the first tee, followed by a gradual progression of gentle swings with low irons to full swings with the driver. Click to download a free PDF copy of the program. To see other sport-specific strength and conditioning programs, visit OTRF’s website, and click on the top tab, Sports Performance Programs.

Not going away this winter? Start the OTRF program now and combine it with some strength and conditioning exercises and you will be in top shape the first day courses open this spring.

Just a reminder, it is essential to maintain proper technique during the warm-ups to receive maximum benefits and prevent injury. Seek professional help on your swing mechanics to learn pointers and prevent injuries. Should you develop pain during play, stop and see a medical professional like Dr. Steven Chudik who will evaluate and treat your injury to get you back playing as soon as possible. Dr. Chudik has convenient office hours in Westmont and Western Springs, Ill. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Chudik, call 630-324-0402, or click to schedule online.

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