OTRF spring newsletter looks at Little League guideline compliance, introduces a new functional capacity test following shoulder Bankart surgery, shoulder replacements and research in the news

Spring is finally here! However, I began thinking about it during our frigid winter. As you and your family return to outside activities and sports, I want to emphasize the importance of letting children play sports for the fun of it and as a form of exercise. Having them focus on a single sport year-round can increase the risk for injury. Research continues to bear this out and as a result, organizations such as Little League and park districts are changing their guidelines. We looked into what’s happening, particularly in Little League, and our summary starts on page two. Overuse injuries unfortunately have been increasing in youth sports. As parents, coaches and sports medicine specialists, we have to do our part to help prevent injuries. We also need to make sure that if they suffer an injury, they follow a safe and gradually progressive return to play protocol.

Are you dreading or reconsidering your participation in activities because of shoulder pain? Or, did you injure it and have been putting off seeing an orthopaedist? If so, check out our article on shoulder replacement surgery and how it won’t keep you on the bench. I think you will find it interesting to see how technology and surgical options have changed and improved people’s lives.

As long as I’m on the topic of shoulders, the OTRF Health Performance Team and I developed a new program we’re testing to determine when it is safe to return to activities and sports after arthroscopic Bankart/labral surgery following a shoulder dislocation. We are optimistic the results of the study will validate the test so physicians will have a more definitive tool to assess the risk for re-injury and when it is safe to return to sports.

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