OTRF spring newsletter delivers injury prevention tips for throwers

Spring is when we see a great number of baseball throwing injuries. In this issue of the Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Teaching and Research Foundation’s (OTRF) e-newsletter, Active Bones, Dr. Steven Chudik and his health performance team provide injury prevention tips for throwers, including baseball players. The issue also discusses using pitch counts rather than innings pitched to prevent overuse injuries in young throwers, recommended throwing guidelines for pitchers ages eight to 18, and shares lacrosse training and conditioning programs. For those who want an alternative to running long distances, OTRF reports on new research that reveals sprint interval training to be as effective. A 12-week, sprint interval program suitable for most fitness levels is included. Research Roundup spotlights the impact of how travel direction, east or west, affects a baseball team’s performance and the how youth sport specialization maybe linked to overuse injuries.

Dr. Steven Chudik, orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist with the Shoulder, Knee and Sports Medicine Injury Clinic in Westmont, Ill., founded OTRF in 2007 as a nonprofit organization to fund research and education for the purpose of keeping people active and healthy. To receive Active Bones and sport-specific training and conditioning programs developed by Dr. Chudik and OTRF automatically, click and submit your email address. Free downloads of past Active Bones issues and sport-specific training and conditioning programs are available on the OTRF website.

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