OTRF Fall-Winter newsletter covers the new Guardian Cap, why athletes play in pain and new lab-made cartilage

The Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Teaching and Research Foundation’s (OTRF) Fall-Winter Newsletter, Active Bones, focuses on getting and keeping athletes in shape and injury-free with articles on the new Guardian Cap® the National Football league tested during training camp and pre-season to help limit head injuries,  revealing new data on why athletes play in pain, and new lab-made cartilage for osteoarthritis that could eliminate knee replacements in the future. Click to read these articles and more.

If you’d like to receive future issues of Active Bones, please email your full name and request to contactus@chudikmd.com/ and you will be added to the email distribution list. Past issues of the newsletter are available on the OTRF website at http://www.otrfund.org/e-newsletter/.

For more information about OTRF, its mission, educational and volunteer opportunities, visit the website at www.otrfund.org/.

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