Frequently Asked Questions about Orthopaedic Surgery


Why do I have to arrive early?
What is MyChart?
What identification do I need to bring to my first appointment?
What injuries or parts of the body does Dr. Chudik specialize in? Will he see other body parts besides those?
I was asked to bring my X-rays/MRI disk to my appointment. Will I get them back?
Why do I need to schedule an appointment to go over the results of my MRI, CT scan or other diagnostic test?

Diagnostic Test/MRI Results

Will I need to have an X-ray or MRI if I already had one?
Do I have to go to the hospital or another place to have my diagnostic images taken?
I am claustrophobic and haven’t been able to get through an MRI. What other options do I have?
How soon will I get my diagnostic results?
Why do I have to make an appointment to get my results? Are you going to charge me for that appointment?

Dr. Chudik’s Medical and Surgical Experience

How long has Dr. Chudik been an orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine physician?
How many surgeries does he do a year?
What does it mean that Dr. Chudik is a Top Doctor?


How many days before my surgery do I need to stop taking my daily medications?
Do I also need to stop taking my pain medications ahead of time?
What is a surgical visit and why do I need one?
Will I get an infection if I don’t use the Chlorehexidine clothes or miss a spot when I use them?


Can I request to be Dr. Chudik’s first surgery of the day?
I’m diabetic. Can I take my insulin before surgery since I can’t eat?
What provisions do you make during surgery for people with sleep apnea?
Does Dr. Chudik perform the surgeries himself? Are there any residents/students in training that help perform the surgery?
Will I be given a local anesthesia or a general for my surgery?
How long do I have to stay at the hospital/surgery center after my surgery?
Do I need to bring my blue surgery folder with me to surgery?
Following surgery, when do I start physical therapy?
Will I be able to put clothes on after surgery so I can go home?
I’m allergic to nickel and some other metals. What type of metal screw, rods, pins and instruments does Dr. Chudik use?


When is my first post-operative appointment?
What can I do for my constipation?
Can I take other pain medication?
Can I smoke following surgery?
I’m nauseous, what can I do?
What do I do with all these bandages?
Can I get more pain medicine?
The pain medicine isn’t strong enough. Can I take something else?
When do I take the pain medicine?
How often can I ice my surgery site?
I have a fever, chills, night sweats, what should I do?
How long will I be in this sling? How long will I need crutches?
When can I shower?
I have calf pain/shortness of breath, what does that mean?
What is a DVT and how will I know if I have one?
What should I do if I think I have a DVT/PE?
How soon after surgery can I drive?
When can I return to work, physical activity?
Will I need any home health care or physical therapy at home since I won’t be able to drive?

Physical Therapy

How soon after surgery do I start physical therapy?
Who arranges for my physical therapy?
Does my insurance pay for physical therapy?

Workers’ Compensation, IME, Deposition, Medical Record Review, Expert Testimony

How do I refer a patient; schedule a deposition, IME, or medical record review; or request an expert opinion?
How do I request patient medical records?

Prescription refills

How can I get my pain medicine refilled and what should I do if I run out over a weekend?
How do I get my prescription filled through IWP?
Can you provide pain medicine refills for 90 days and not 30 days so I can take advantage of my insurance discount?

Disability placards

Whom do I contact to obtain a disability parking permit?

School/Work absence notes

How do I arrange to have an absence note sent to my child’s school, or to my job?

Family Medical Leave Absence (FMLA) form completion

Whom do I contact to have my FMLA paperwork completed and submitted to my employer?


Why does Dr. Chudik require payment in advance for the balance of my insurance deductible?


Whom do I contact about a question on my bill?

Medical Records

How do I get a copy of my medical records?

Important Numbers & Contacts

Emergency 911
Dr. Chudik’s surgery scheduler and administrative assistant 630-324-0402
Adventist Hinsdale Hospital outpatient medical testing 630-856-7072
Adventist LaGrange Memorial Hospital outpatient medical testing 708-245-7071
Advocate Good Samaritan Hospital outpatient medical testing 630-275-2002
Elmhurst Memorial Hospital outpatient medical testing 331-221-3920
Salt Creek Surgery Center 630-968-1800
Munster Specialty Surgery Center 219-595-0789
Hinsdale Orthopaedic billing services 866-619-8236
Hinsdale Orthopaedics MRI scheduling (Westmont office) 630-920-2380
Hinsdale Orthopaedics workers’ compensation appointment scheduling 630-324-0402
Hinsdale Orthopaedics Westmont office main number 630-324-0402
Hinsdale Orthopaedics Western Springs office main number 630-324-0402
Hinsdale Orthopaedics website address
Dr. Chudik’s OTRF foundation website address
Hinsdale Orthopaedic Associates Physical Therapy Westmont 630-655-8785
Hinsdale Orthopaedic Associates Physical Therapy Western Springs 708-387-1750