Monthly Archives: September 2016

Usain Bolt bolts to golden victories despite hamstring tear

Watching Usain Bolt run during the 2016 Rio Olympics was amazing. He made each gold medal victory look so easy considering just a few months earlier he withdrew from the Jamaican qualifying trials because of a grade 1 hamstring tear. Recovering in time to participate in the Olympics would not be easy, or even […]

Selfie Elbow: An overuse injury from too much “cheese”

In his more than 14 years of treating orthopaedic injuries, Dr. Steven Chudik has seen a lot of injuries that were the direct result of a fad or sports craze–like those that occurred from riders falling off their Hoverboards. Dr. Chudik was recently interviewed by Johnna Kelly, coordinator of public affairs and marketing at Advocate […]

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